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Triple Onda



The Full Range Line Array FULL XLA is a system of the future come true, a new generation of line-array.

The FULL XLA system is the result of more than 35 years of research in the manufacture of PA systems and multiple benchmarking processes on the application of current regulations on noise pollution.

We are proud to announce that we have developed an optimal audio system for both technical teams and the public and companies that purchase it.

All digital amplification and digital processors are integrated into the system and all of its elements, from speaker to speaker, are computer controlled.

Digital processors control not only the traditional parameters, but they have implemented the Neoduction Virtual Box Processor , a new system that extends the dynamic range, the transient response, the intelligibility and the diffusion of the highest and lowest frequencies beyond the real limits.

With this new sound system, we achieve complete integration in a line array audio system for the first time.

The FULL RANGE LINE ARRAY XLA produces sound from a single radiation source, so there is no need to connect external subwoofers.

It works with digital processors controlled wirelessly from a computer.

The FULL XLA is a system of the future come true, a new generation of line array.

The FULL XLA has a module with a unique format. The FULL XLA does not need to add complementary subwoofers to the line array distribution, but these are already incorporated so that the generated sound forms a single source of radiation between 35 and 18,000Hz. This is the first time in a Line Array that the low frequencies are spread at the same time as the rest, from the same source, achieving a uniform distribution of all frequencies everywhere.

The boxes are very compact and light but extremely robust. They have been designed to facilitate handling, transport, stacking and assembly. Triple Onda has reduced the weight and space of line array systems. We have reduced the volume to 50% while maintaining the same output level compared to other sound systems on the market.

The FULL XLA is a medium format team, which can only be compared to large format teams in terms of quality and power.

All its elements are made of the latest generation neodymium.

Characteristics Worth
Frequency Range 30Hz - 18KHz
Amplifier power 1500W AES
Maximum Peak SPL 140dB @ 1 meter
Automatic Voltage Selection 165 -264 V AC; 50/60hz
high frequency 3 units: 1" exit, 1.75" diaphragm compression drivers
Audio connector Main Female XLR 3 input with male XLR 3 link output
Rigging system adjust The rigging system allows these angles: 0°, 1°, 2.5°, 3.5°, 5°
AC connector Powercom input and output
Low/Mid Frequency Two 12", 4" voice coil neodymium loudspeakers
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1170 x 320 x 570mm / 67 x 16.6 x 22.42”
coverage Cardioid response pattern. >90° Horizontal 
Weight 70kg / 154.32lbs
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