Triple Onda has officially announced the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement with Dooper Audio, a young company specializing in the development of multimedia furniture with integrated hi-fi speakers.

The collaboration agreement, which has been sealed with great expectations, will allow both companies to combine their knowledge and experience to create a new generation of multimedia furniture with integrated hi-fi speakers. This alliance represents an important step towards improving the home theater experience for millions of users in their homes.

Triple Onda, known for its range of innovative products, from PA systems to omnidirectional devices, has expressed its enthusiasm for this collaboration. Triple Onda CEO, Braulio Paz, commented: "We are delighted to partner with Dooper Audio on this exciting adventure. Our vision is to enrich people's lives through sound, and we believe this collaboration will allow us to bring the listening experience to new levels of excellence in the home.

For its part, Dooper Audio, a recognized company with an international design award, is equally excited by the prospect of working together with Triple Onda. Dooper Audio CEO Oriol Tur said: "This alliance is an exciting opportunity to combine Triple Onda's expertise in world-class audio technologies with Dooper's design expertise. Together, we are confident that we can deliver solutions for the home that will surprise our customers".

Although specific details of the joint products and projects have yet to be revealed, technology enthusiasts and audiophiles alike can look forward to significant advances in the field of audio, from multimedia furniture to portable speakers and much more.

The teams of both companies have already started working on the research and development process, and the first results of this collaboration are expected to come to light in the coming months.

With the announcement of this alliance, Triple Onda and Dooper Audio have made clear their commitment to innovation and excellence in the audio and technology industry.
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