The important role that the Triple Onda company plays in events such as the 40th anniversary concert of Grupo Apache and the Orchestra of the University of Barcelona is undeniable. Its focus on both the rental of sound systems for large events and the design and manufacture of innovative audio systems gives it a leading position in the world of show business.

The aforementioned concert, which took place in the Santa Susana sports hall, was a sample of Triple Onda's commitment to provide high-quality sound solutions to large-scale musical events. Triple Onda's collaboration in this particular concert was evident through the impeccable sound, which allowed both Grupo Apache and the Orchestra of the University of Barcelona, ​​along with other invited artists, to shine on stage.

One of the key features of Triple Onda is its focus on personalization. All the components of their systems are custom made, which guarantees the highest quality and efficiency in performance. This ability to adapt to the specific needs of each event is what has led Triple Onda to develop innovative and unconventional audio systems that offer unmatched specifications on the market.

The quality of Triple Onda's high-end equipment is widely recognized in the sector. In addition, the fact that they design and manufacture systems with the real problems facing the entertainment industry in mind has led to unique and efficient solutions that meet the demands of the most demanding events.

Another highlight of Triple Onda systems is their focus on ease of use and installation efficiency. Its self-powered products, which incorporate the latest technology and reduced energy consumption, allow customers to offer the highest sound quality without additional complications. In addition, the protection of the components with current limiters and protectors ensures the reliability and durability of the system, which translates into a spectacular 4-year warranty for all its self-powered products.

The combination of quality, innovation and ease of use makes Triple Onda a popular choice for large events. By offering ergonomic, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble sound systems, the company helps its customers save installation time, personnel, storage space, and transportation. These advantages not only enhance the experience for performers and audiences, but also contribute to greater efficiency and profitability for event organizers.

In conclusion, the Triple Onda company plays an essential role in musical events and live shows, such as the 40th anniversary concert of Grupo Apache and the Orchestra of the University of Barcelona. Its commitment to quality, innovation and customization of its audio systems makes it a leading option in the market, allowing its customers to offer an exceptional sound experience without compromising efficiency and comfort. Triple Onda's continued evolution and adaptation to the needs of the entertainment industry ensures that it will continue to be an influential force in delivering unforgettable events well into the future.

Summary of the event The Symphony's Rock 40th Anniversary of the Apache Group.

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